Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

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Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

• easy-use stir equipment that heating temperature from room temperature to 400 degrees Celsius.
• Microprocessor Based:
Magnetic stirrer built-in the CPU chip, it can controls each operation functions of stirrers.
• Push-Button Speed Control
• The stirrer can set the objective temperature, stirring time, speed, the large LCD can clear shows the each operational states.
• Automatic Temperature Control:
• The maximum temperature up to 400°Celsius.
Stirring Volume: 0 to 2000mL
Stirring Speed: 0 to 1250rpm
Top Plate Size: 135×135mm
Panel Material: Steel
Temperature: 0 to 400°C
Timer: 0 to 999 minutes
Power Requirements: 220V/50Hz
Dimensions: 9.06 ×7.09 ×4.72 inch

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